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Another Good Thanksgiving


Your turkey was amazing. Easily the best I’ve ever had. Even better than I was expecting!

It looks like a lot of your meat is available during the fall.  Do you have lamb, chicken, or pork available at this time of year?


Editor’s Note: We told Jonathan and will now tell you that, YES!, we have many of our products available year round, but some are available or more available at specific times of the year.


Our all natural, pasture fed turkeys usually come off the middle of November.  Spring is the best time to order to make sure you get your tender, juicy holiday bird.


Available every year frozen while they last, if you want your delicious, pasture fed, all natural, antibiotic, hormone and soy free chicken fresh, you’ve got to get them while they’re hot from mid summer to early fall.  Order this spring to make sure you get your freezerful spoken for.


Lean pork,  juicy beef, eggs and milk are usually available all year.  Tender lamb is available primarily in the spring.
Our pricelist can help you figure out how much your meat will cost.


Call Andy, 541-409-4497, to double check on availability and make sure you have the healthiest, all natural, grass fed meats for your family.



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