Flag & Wire Coffee


We’re happy to announce we now carry Flag & Wire Coffee!!

Nope, we’re not growing our own coffee and we agree that it’s an unusual product for an old -fashioned farm like ours, but we believe that all-natural, fresh-roasted, Fair Trade Flag & Wire fits our vision, our lifestyle, and our customers. Same delicious coffee we’ve always carried, just a new name. Great story behind this new name.  Be sure to ask when you call to order.

Nick, master roaster and barista, roasts these fresh green coffee beans several times a week to achieve the rich, true flavor for which Flag & Wire is so well known.  Available in standard roasts as well as new, seasonal and experimental roasts, each variety exhibits its own flavor and overtones.

Though exceptional quality and sustainable practices are the primary reasons we choose this terrific coffee for our table, another important reason is that this Premier Pacific Northwest Roaster is our son, Nick Walton.  Yup, we like this coffee!

In their own words: A message from the owner of Flag & Wire

At Flag & Wire, our primary concern is to exemplify great coffees, honorably grown, harvested and transported.  We do this by respecting each origin’s specific potential.  We carefully research all our coffees before we make the decision to purchase them, and then, when they hit our floor, we get to know them better, more fully.coffee beans

We love coffee and we love knowing – the coffees and the story of the coffee.  We love knowing one another, and knowing about things that are affecting our fellow humans elsewhere in the world.

If your priorities are like ours, if you want to see people interact over coffee, if you want to see excellence in the coffee you serve, then we want to talk to you about providing Flag & Wire Coffee in your cafe, grocery, neighborhood bakery, chainsaw mercantile or home.

How to find fresh roasted
Flag & Wire Coffee!!

Contact us at Lake View Farm.  We try to keep some on hand, but drop us an email to confirm availability and we’ll have a sample of this fresh-roasted delicacy waiting for you when you stop by.

You can get your all-natural, fresh-roasted, Fair Trade Flag & Wire Coffee from these convenient sources:

Right here at

Lake View Farm(contact us  for availability)

Rooster lg

Retail outlet and coffee house

Chrysalis Red Clear
755 NW Apine Avenue, McMinnville, Oregon

Rooster lg

Direct from the

Flag & Wire Coffee



Get in touch with Nick.  One of the premier roasters in the Pacific Northwest, he’ll come out, help assess your needs, create a convenient delivery schedule and even provide the training that’s crucial to making the perfect cup of all natural, fresh roasted, Fair Trade Flag & Wire Coffee for your customers.



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