A Little History…

Lil’ Andy with a New Fangled Swamp Buggy

We’re hoping to keep adding to this page as we find more treasures, but thought we’d whet your appetite with this picture of Andy as a little guy.

Standing in front of the first swamp buggy ever built, these 4 foot tires were pretty big to most people, but seemed huge to Andy, as a little boy, visiting his Grandpa Sisk’s farm in Halsey, Oregon in the early 60’s.  The edges are blackened, not for effect, but as a result of a family house fire.  We have a few pictures below and some more cool old pix coming soon, so check back.

Edgar Sisk, Andy’s maternal grandpa, raised grass seed on the property we now farm.  Seen here (right) with his son, Andy’s Uncle Ivan.  This A-6 Case combine is being pulled by a John Deere ‘G’, combining annual ryegrass in mid 40’s.

The A-6 Case Combine pulled by the John Deere Model ‘G’  tractor.  Grandpa Sisk is on the tractor and Uncle Ivan is sewing the sacks closed after they’re filled with seed  on the machine, in the mid 40’s.

Uncle Ivan on 1939 Dodge truck hauling sacks of grass seed
in the early 40’s on our place

Here, Uncle Ivan is on the “Brand New” 8N Ford mowing row fescue
in the early ’50’s.

Grandpa Sisk on our place, combining grain with a John Deere Model ’45’ Combine in the mid 50’s. This is a more modern, self propelled thrashing machine.