Very Short and Sprightly Quarterly Email Newsletter, (almost more of a ‘News Page’ really), Intended to Update and Entertain and Never Hassle or Bore…*

And so it was that God created them to be farmers and He created them to tilleth the land.  He gave them a modicum of success in tillething the land and though the payment thereof was little, they saw it was good.  And for the entertainment of those who bought of the farmers that tilleth the land, God deludeth the farmers to believe that they also possessed skills in marketing and further deludeth them that they were able to use lilting, blithe humor when communicating with those who partook of their wares.  And so, it was from this totally unskilled and delusional state, that the farmers began their marketing journey and offered, for your approval, the quarterly Hen Scratch.  Enjoy!

*We give you our word as those who tillith the land with honour, that your information will never leave our farm computer.

More than just food to eat,
Food to live on.


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  1. This is so cool to find you after all this time and doing something really great!