Born and raised on a farm to a multi-generational farm family, Andy has owned and operated his grandfather’s place, Lake View Farm, since 1977.  As he became aware of the misinformation in developing farm theories, (i.e. more pesticides, more commercial fertilizers, more synthetic hormones, more confinement = more money in the farmer’s pocket), he began to move toward more sustainable methods in his own operation.

Versed in multiple agricultural subjects, (see list below), his ability to approach farming from a practical, something-out-of-nothing perspective has allowed him to flourish as a small farmer in an increasingly cooperate-owned-farm world.

Andy is happy to speak to school groups, food groups, Weston Price organizations and all who care about the food they feed their families.  Subjects can be tailored to the needs of the group.  While not limited to these, some of the topics he’s offered are…

◊ Why REAL Food for Your Family

◊ Sustainable Agriculture Practices

◊ Innovative Methods to Succeed

◊ Animal Husbandry on a Shoestring

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More than just food to eat,
food to live on.