If you’re looking for a well-financed, work-without-a-hitch, typical commercial farming style experience, we’re probably not what you need.  But if you want to learn how to carve out your own niche in the competitive world of agriculture, if you want to raise REAL food for your family and others, if you want to live the best lifestyle there is, we may have something to expand your experience.

Currently, we offer three different ways to participate in our farm.

I think I’d like to farm

A one week tag-a-long offering intensive exposure to the farm practices, a lovely camping spot, dinner each evening with our family and a quiet week in the country.  As much as we love sharing our place with everyone, we are a working farm and these events take valuable time and man power away from the business at hand, this one will cost you. $750/person ($500 each additional person, children under 12 are free.)

  ◊ I’m pretty sure I’d like to farm

A four month internship offering hands on experiences with all aspects of farm life, a charming camping spot, dinner each Sunday evening with our family.  Although we enjoy sharing our farm with others, this level of internship is both time and labor intensive.  While there is no compensation associated with this internship, there is also no cost.

I’d really like to farm!

Periodically, we’re blessed with an intern whose interest, capability and persistence causes them to move from liability to asset.  By invitation, this internship works more closely with us on the business end of the farm, as well as continuing the learning process in farm practices, for an extended period of time, to be determined between the farm and the individual.  These folks are given room and board and some financial compensated.

Download an application and/or drop us an email or call for more information

More than just food to eat,
Food to live on.